Plano Flags of Honor

An Expression of Gratitude

A field of over 1,000 3' x 5' American Flags will express our gratitude to our veterans and first responders. Each flag tells the story of heroes whose lives were devoted in service to others, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice.


We will honor family members, friends and neighbors whose service and sacrifices have allowed all of us to be safe and enjoy freedoms many in other lands cannot enjoy.  By honoring them through this display, we are creating a visual expression of our gratitude to those who serve, present and past, living and deceased, while raising money for their causes.

The motto of Rotary is “Service above Self”.  Our Veterans and First Responders live this motto every day.  Thank you in advance for your contributions and attendance.

Come and Reflect

2017 was the first year of the Flags of Honor.  No one knew what to expect, but the profound impact of the event was felt by all in attendance.  Make time to come, reflect and say thank you.


You will find on each 3' x 5' flag a placard that reflects the service given by the honoree.  Each flag tells the story of heroes whose lives were devoted in service to their fellow man, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice.  From the Civil War to the present, all are represented.

You will walk through a field of silent reflection.   You will see people of all ages, colors and creeds reading the stories of the honorees.  

You will hear the haunting sound of TAPS at dusk each day and experience the reverence of walking the field at night when the flags seem to reach out and tell their own stories.

You will take home a profound feeling of thank you for those that served or are currently serving to protect our way of life.


Honor a Veteran or First Responder