2019 Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer for the Plano Flags of Honor. We appreciate your help and will be in touch soon to discuss needs and opportunities. 

The different roles for which we need help are:

Event day programs

Assist with daily programs, help coordinate event speakers and entertainment, arrange tables and chairs as needed, help clean up at close of the daily program. 



Field Docent

Greet visitors as they arrive at the field, answer questions, help locate honorariums on flags.  


Field set-up

Assist with setting up the field installing flag bases.  This involves carrying flag bases from a storage pod to the field and driving the bases into the ground.  


Install flags and hang honorariums

Assist with installing flags and securing individual honorariums on flag poles.  This involves carrying flags from a storage pod to the field and placing flags in each flag base. Honorariums will be attached to dog tags and hung on each flag.  

Field break-down

Remove honoraiums and dog tags from flags, remove flags from bases and carry them to the storage pod, extract bases and carry to storage pod.  Organize honorariums for pick-up and assisting with honorarium pick-up.  



On-Site Honorariums

Help visitors enter information online to create an honorarium then print, laminate, and hang it on a flag in the field. This role will also assist with on-site donations.  

Please click on the date for which you wish to volunteer. This will open a new window with the available opportunities on that date. Or select the "all dates" button to see the entire program openings. Enter your information and selected time slots. 

By submitting your information, you are agreeing to receive communications from the Plano Flags of Honor team in connection with this event and your volunteer commitment.  



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