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Plano Flags of Honor Promotional Video

God Bless America by Ladies Liberty

Historical Flags of the United States, Raise Colors, National Anthem

Flag Etiquette by Boy Scout Troop 291

America the Beautiful by the Plano Civic Chorus

Wells Elementary 3rd Graders say Thank you to our Veterans


Branch of Service Theme Songs by Ladies Liberty

Grand Ole Flag by MSGT Ericka Stevens

Veterans Day by Plano City Councilman Rick Grady

Battle Hymn of the Republic by the Plano Civic Chorus

Plano Police Department Training Video

Plano Fire and Rescue Chief Sam Grief


God Bless America by Msgt. Ericka Stevens

Star Spangled Banner by Ladies Liberty

Interview with WWII Veteran

Close order drill by Plano East JROTC

























































2018 Plano Flags of Honor Card


Click to Honor a Veteran or First Responder

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